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How To Get Clear Glowing Lighter Skin in Winter

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How To Get Clear,Glowing,Lighter Skin in Winter – Winter have started and This Time of the year we need to give special attention to our skin especially people with Dry ,Rough and Dull skin.Extreme cold weather can leave our skin Dry, Dull, Rough,Lifeless and dehydrated.In Winter our skin needs more Moisture and proper nourishment to achieve desired softness and  glow on our skin specially on Face.In Today’s Post i am going to share a face mask which will help to maintain clear, lighter, soft and smooth skin in winter.This is one of the most simple and easiest winter skin care pack  to get clear skin that anyone can follow and get soft,clear and smooth skin.So let’s see how to get smooth,clear,glowing,lighter skin in winter..



How to get clear Skin,glowing  and lighter skin

Face pack to get Smooth,glowing and clear skin in Winter 

The Ingredients which i have used in this winter  face pack are completely natural,safe and easily available in every kitchen.This face pack is very effective  and powerful in Winter for Dry skin people.This face pack will keep our skin moisturized and hydrated keeping them smooth, soft by giving a natural instant glow on face.To Prepare this winter Crystal spotless clear skin fairness  face pack we need ::

 Oatmeal powder ( 2 tbsp) ::

Oatmeal contains natural vitamin E which helps to soothe out the dry skin on our face.It acts as a natural moisturizer. Oats are used to get rid of large pores on our skin and helps to remove dark spots on face.

Aloevera Gel ( 2 tsp)::

You can take the fresh aloevera gel or the store bought aloevera gel.If you take fresh aloevera gel ,Then You need to make the pack and use it within 2 days .If you take store bought aloevera gel, you can store the pack upto 1 week in refrigerator and use it everyday for best result because of the preservatives added in store bought Aloevera gel.

Aloe vera Gel helps in moisturizing our skin keeping it hydrated, rejuvenated and glowing.It helps in soothing pain, infections, inflammation and  Get Clear, Glowing, Lighter Skin in Winter. Aloe vera is also known for its anti-ageing properties. It helps in keeping wrinkles and age spots at bay.It is a rich source of natural antioxidants that are good for our health.

Honey (1 tsp) ::

Honey is naturally antibacterial  to get clear skin and it’s great for acne treatment and prevention.It is Full of antioxidants, it is great for slowing down aging and  Get Clear, Glowing, Lighter Skin in Winter. It is extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps create a glow. Honey’s not just hydrating, its antioxidants will repair skin and protect it against oxidation and environmental damage.

Raw Un-boiled Milk (2 tbsp) ::

Raw milk nourishes deeper skin layers by conditioning and moisturization from inside. It effectively treats the dry skin in winter and helps to achieve clear skin . Raw milk helps to enhance the fairness of our skin by improving the skin texture.It gives instant glow to our skin by repairing the dead skin cells and moisturize dry skin.

Process ::

Mix all the ingredients in a empty dry container and make a semi thick paste like consistency.The paste should not be runny.Apply the particular paste on the face and also on neck. Let it sit there for 20 minutes,then wash it off with the clean water. This face mask cleanses our skin pores and brings light glow to any face.This face pack acts like a fairness for the skin. The paste should be massaged for 2-3 times on the face before rinsing it off. This
facial cleanses the face skin pores and will help to remove dark spots on face.This mask will eradicate oil, dirt and impurities through our skin making our face glow with a new life.It will make your skin look younger and give it a bounce.

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